Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I haven't even thought about this thing in forever. I guess I remembered it on account of some upcoming life changes.

1. I'm graduating. Finally.


2. I miss my blog.

Now, the one I miss is not, nor has it ever been this one. I know, I know - that's mean. Yes, I am a terrible person. Anyhow, the one I loved so was a blog I created for a class. It was glorious and sucked hours of my life away from me. Precious hours that I will never get back. I poured over html and css. I adjusted fonts, sizes and layouts daily. I was a little obsessed. Everyday I wrote something new. Sometimes those somethings were really nothing, but it was all a lot of fun and for a while there, I even had myself a little following. Then the quarter ended, my access to the server was through and there I was with this hard-earned design knowledge and no way to use it. Why no way? Because I'm a college student (for the next few weeks, anyway), which means I'm broke. I realized real fast that I couldn't afford the kind of set up I had access to through my class. I realized that because of that, along with my otherwise limited web knowledge, I'd now be relegated to a pre-fab blog world.

And what's wrong with that? You might ask...

Well, it's just not as super-interesting. It's not. I liked changing my blog around, adjusting the look, the layout, the colors, the images. I liked controlling everything - it really pacified my most extreme OCD tendencies. That level of control was devine.

So, missing the blog I return to my roots. This little thing here was my first venture into the blogging world. It may not be much, but it's where/how I started. I came back here after a frustrating night of looking through Moveable Type, downloading & not being able to put to use everything I learned. Lately I've been blogging on MySpace - an evil I avoided for a long ass time. I like it well enough, but I miss the separateness that is a blog. I have a bit of an audience now, but I loose all those anti-myspacers. And frankly, I think those people are a key demographic for my kind of running-at-the-mouth. But they're turned off by the MySpace. I totally understand that. Who wants to get sucked into that world of purpetual, ageless, teen angst? It's scary.

Which brings us here. I don't know if I'll get this thing going or what. I enjoy blogging. I'm a writer, but this format lets me do a completely different kind of writing. So I think it's good for me. It depends on how distracted/inspired I get or if I ever figure out how to do my own thing again, affordably.