Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quotes From The Nerdery

*This is also a re-post from my now defunct blog. It may be old, but somehow oh-so-relevent.

Me: "What are you doing!"

James: "What?"

Me: "You don't dog-ear a first edition! A signed first edition! What the hell's the matter with you?"

James: "It's Babble."

Me: "Both pronounciations are correct."

James: "It's Babble. Where do you think the word "babble" comes from? It's like the tower: Babble"

Me: "It's spelled B-A-B-E-L. Bay-bul. Not Babble. They're two different words."

James: "They're the same thing. Babble. Like a babbling brook."

Me: "Why do you have to be such a dick?"

James: "What? You always do this. Just admit you're wrong."

Me: "Wrong? I'm not wrong. They're two different words. I admit they have the same Middle English root babel (points to open dictionary) - I just wanted you to back up your outrageous claim with fact."

James: "What outrageous claim? It's Babble, like the tower."

Me: "I thought you were fucking with me. Besides: two different words - babble and babel. The tower is Babel. Both pronounciations are correct."

James: "I don't trust that shitty dictionary."

Me: "You're an idiot."

Mia: "What's James yelling about?"

Me: "Being a fucking dick, that's what."

James: "Because I'm right?"

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