Friday, February 04, 2005


So, the sun made an appearance today. Miracle of miracles. Unfortunately, I slept through most of that. I've taken to staying up way past reasonable and sleeping just as long.
Last night I went down to The Brotherhood with my roommate James. We had beers, talked about our impending futures, the relevance of Esquire and why people cheat. We were eventually joined by our friend Lloyd and her friend Doug. Doug was a strange olympia-hippie-type. Kind of slow, kind of smelly, definitely stoned, but nice enough. Lloyd professed her new-found love for a cat. Doug sat. We drank cheap beer.
After last call James and I headed over to the Westside Denny's for mediocre burgers amongst the latenight crowd. There are few things so enlightening and/or entertaining as the smoking section in that particular Denny's after last call. Gaunt junkies, old metal-heads, drunk off duty waitresses, us, and one homeless guy sitting in the corner reciting the histories of battles between the Cavalry and various Native tribes. I wanted to talk to that guy, but I don't want to upset or confuse him. He's obviously got enough going on with me interjecting.
Got a date tonight. I've been "dating" the same girl for five months now. We're keeping things casual. It's nice... No room for petty arguments or jealousy. I really like her and am surprisingly happy with the arrangement. Weird considering my history of serial long-term monogamy. It's good for me.
Sun's going down. The rain stopped & I feel like I missed it.

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