Sunday, February 27, 2005

Where's the Parade?

the band is practicing in the basement. i woke up this morning to the sound of Justin's amp breaking. in case you were wondering, no - that's not a good sound. something close to an air raid siren. so, i dragged my ass down stairs and made myself a fancy coffee. i'm not generally this ambitious - but it's sunday and i ain't got shit to do. Night inherited an espresso machine. it's sexual. i love it. but making the milk all foamy isn't as easy as the teenaged baristas make it look, i'll tell you what. needless to say, i burned myself twice before giving up. it may not be foamy, but at least i got bubbles. regular coffee does not have bubbles! totally worth the scalding.

on the big news front: my mom's moving back to New York. very exciting stuff. so, i'll be spending spring break driving back across the country with her in her little red saturn. cross-country trips with parents. people generally cringe when i tell them. truth is - it will be great. she and i had a blast last time. we travel well together - kind of like me & james. we're thinking of taking a more southern route than the one we took last time. the rockies will be harder up north. hopefully i'll get some writing done on the trip as well.

in other news: the pink eye outbreak has been contained. james' glamorous new job at the call center sent him home with the pink eye last week. he's on the mend & my eyes seem ok. he's got drops for them. they're less gooey now.

oh christ. Ryan's broken out the glockenspeil. what band do you know uses a fucking glockenspeil? are you even allowed to operate one without standard issue marching band attire? i give up.

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