Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Puppy Vigil Ante

some fucking cracked-out, meth-head, tweeker, douchebag decided to use duct tape as a fucking muzzle on a puppy in my neighborhood. a tiny puppy. a sweet-faced australian shepherd puppy. james walked to the store while i was at class & saw this. he was going to call the police. someone else must have beat him to the punch because cops were there within 10 minutes. on his way home, james saw the puppy playing in the yard, this time without the tape on his snout. the cops were talking to the tweekers and the puppy galloped over to see james. as the puppy got to the fence, said tweeker fuck starts yelling at him to not bark. in front of the cop.

drugs. are. bad.

so, i get home to hear this story. next thing you know i'm crying... duct tape on a puppy? are you fucking kidding me? all i can think of now are ways to spring the little guy. Ryan runs by there every night. he'll be on the lookout for any more abuse. james thinks they took the puppy away, but who knows. that poor thing. this will not stand. all i'm saying is, i like animals better than people and i own a hockey stick. i'm not above ninja tactics.

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