Saturday, February 05, 2005


i'm a self-admitted hopeless romantic. Valentine's Day maybe bullshit, for me it's an excuse to act the way i wish i could everday, without it being weird & totally overboard. funny, now that i think about it, i don't have a whole lot of good Valentine's memories. the best one's are amazing... maybe because they're rare - like really good birthdays. i think february's the time to drag out those stories, let them see some light & air out.

debating what to do for my "lady friend", as james says. we've been dating since september. successfully taking it slow. no room for fighting. sex is less important than it can be in long term relationships. i want to do something sweet, a little romantic, but nothing over the top. i'm at a loss.

my house is filled with singles, most fresh out of relationships of 3, 6 or 10 yrs. not sure what, if anything, that means for february around here. Night's dealing with the more important issue of the 1 yr marker of her father's death. that, and the reoccuring presence of her ex, the jackass with the pronounced adam's apple & one painfully stupid hat. he just upsets her. she's such a kind, tolerant person. she can't seem to tell him to fuck off. james and i are working on that with her. Caryn loves her ex. they're talking again, which is good, from what i can tell. he'll be out here soon. Ryan's carrying on with Chrish. she's clearly in love with him. he's clearly gay. speaking of which, there's james. that's a completely different story.

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