Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Romantic Whatnot

she wrote me a poem. it's from last october, she emailed it to me yesterday. it's a scene of us saying goodbye one night.

that's good stuff.

maybe it's because i'm a writer who spends all her time writing other people. maybe that's why it's weird and great to be someone else's subject. either way... a girl could get used to a thing like that.

Night & Caryn are watching Garden State in the next room. I can hear The Shins. I saw that movie with the above mentioned "she" at Capitol Theater. we sat in the first row of the balcony. some random hippie sat directly next to me. in an un-crowded theater. personal space, people. honestly! and she offered to scoot down one. yep, she's a keeper. not only did she notice my rising neurotic anxiety, she diffused it... and only made fun of me a little. we put our feet up on the half wall & slouched down. she held my left hand with both of hers and put her head on my shoulder. it made my sleeve smell like baby powder. she always smells like baby powder.

The house is otherwise quiet. James & Ryan are asleep. Chris has disappeared to a house on central street. he can't sleep here - too loud. he tried the garage one night, but it was too cold. big surprise. James has work in the am! that's right. a job. i'm thrilled. i love him, but he's expensive. Ryan's band has officially gotten back together. hell yes. he & Justin played music tonight for the first time in months: Waxfire, resurrection.

james and i spent the weekend up on vashon island with his family. his little sister is 15. we got to meet her boyfriend. ah, to be 15 and hormonal. everytime i see her i remember just how much high school sucked. thank the fucking christ i never have to do that again. it's all bullshit and it all seems so important. every little thing is huge and intense. relationships are the end all, be all. if i had known about life after graduation, high school would have been so much more entertaining.

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